Api documentation

Api documentation

You will find in this section a complete list of the methods included in the latest version of the Javadocx library.

Here we include a brief description of each method for your convenience:

Layout and general
Word content
  • addBookmark

    Inserts a bookmarks into the Word document

  • addBreak

    Inserts a line/column/page break into the Word document

  • addChart

    Inserts a chart into the Word document

  • addComment

    Adds a Word comment to the current Word document

  • addCrossReference

    Inserts a cross-reference into the Word document

  • addDateAndHour

    Allows to insert the current date and/or hour in different formats

  • addEndnote

    Inserts an endnote into the Word document

  • addExternalFile

    Adds an external DOCX, HTML, MHT, RTF or TXT file

  • addFootnote

    Inserts a footnote into the Word document

  • addFormElement

    Inserts form elements into the Word document

  • addHeading

    Inserts a heading into the Word document

  • addImage

    Inserts an image into the Word document

  • addLink

    Inserts a link into the Word document

  • addList

    Inserts (nested) lists into the Word document

  • addMathEquation

    Inserts a math equation in OMML or MathML format

  • addMergeField

    Adds a merge field to the Word document

  • addPageNumber

    Inserts the current page number into the Word document

  • addShape

    Inserts different types of shapes into a Word document

  • addSimpleField

    Adds a simple field to your Word document

  • addStructuredDocumentTag

    Inserts different types of Structured Document Tags into the Word document

  • addTable

    Inserts a table into a Word document

  • addTableContents

    Inserts a Table of Contents (TOC) into the Word document

  • addText

    Inserts a paragraph into a Word document

  • addTextBox

    Inserts a Text Box in the Word document

  • addWordML

    Inserts raw WordML code into the Word document

  • embedHTML

    Inserts HTML content into the Word document

Format conversion
  • mergeDocx

    Merges two or more Word documents

  • parseCheckboxes

    Parses and ticks or unticks the checboxes included in a Word document

  • removeChapter

    Removes a whole chapter from a Word document

  • setLineNumbering

    Modifies the line numbering properties of an existing Word document

  • stream

    Loads templates from streams and generates a DOCX stream without saving the document to the file system