Javadocx features

Javadocx is a Java library that creates dynamically Microsoft Office Word documents (.docx). The available versions are Basic, Advanced and Premium.

The main features of the available versions are summarized in the following table:

Javadocx type of license
Basic Advanced Premium
Per subdomain Per domain Per domain/IP
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Basic Advanced Premium
Javadocx type of license Per subdomain Per domain Per domain/IP
Use the same license for multiple domains (only for licenses tied to an IP)
Change on the fly content styles of documents created from scratch
Change on the fly content styles of templates
Load DOCX templates from streams
DOCX output as stream
PDF encryption
Advanced Conversion Plugin (PDF)
PDF / A-1
Merging of multiple DOCX files
Merging of multiple DOCX files at specific positions
Parse checkboxes
Remove (sub)chapters
Indexer documents
Merging of multiple PDF files
Split PDF
Remove pages
Embed TTF fonts
Remove sections
Clone blocks
Clone elements
Extract contents
Insert elements
Move elements
Remove elements
Replace elements
Replace merge fields
Transform HTML and CSS to Word
Word formatting via HTML + CSS with selectors
Standard text formatting
Complex paragraphs
External links
Page and line breaks
Widow/orphan control
Basic Lists
Nested lists
Footnotes & Endnotes
Text boxes
Advanced Word styles
Importation of styles
UTF-8 encoding
WordML raw code insertion
Language properties
Customized bullets on lists (dot, square, circle)
Embedding of external RTF and DOCX documents
Insertion of external HTML and MHT files
Base templates
Use of external templates
Replacement of variables in templates
Generation of dynamical lists and tables on templates
Advanced management of template content (Blocks)
Insertion of DOCX, RTF, HTML and MHT documents on templates
Variable replacement in headers and footers
General design options
Headers and Footers
Advanced Headers and Footers
Import Headers and Footers from external file
Page numbering
Table of Contents
Text in Columns
Support for web forms
Basic tables
Advanced table formatting
Jpg, gif, png
Scaling and resizing
Advanced formatting
Insertion of MHT files to add offline images in templates
Replacement of images in templates
2D basic graphs
2D advanced graphs
3D graphs
OMML support
MathML support
OLE files