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+ Free updates for a year!

Licensed per subdomain

Core specifications

Template features

External content embedding

Images and charts

Headers, footers, comments, endnotes, footnotes and sections

LTR and RTL languages

MS Word styles

Math methods

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+ Free updates for a year!

Licensed per domain

All Basic version features

Merging of documents

PDF conversion

Clone contents and blocks

DOCXPATH and DOCXPATHUtilities: complex operations made easy to insert, replace, remove, filter, edit and query Word contents

DOCXUtilities: additional utilities to work with DOCX documents

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+ Free updates for a year!

Licensed per domain/IP

All Advanced version features

Multiple domains
with the same license

DOCXCustomizer: change the content styles of new documents and templates on the fly

Performance boost module: optimize templates, load templates from streams and generate documents as stream


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