Includes line numbering into the Word document.

public void addLineNumbering()
public void addLineNumbering(OptionsLineNumbering options)

This method allows the insertion of line numbers in the current Word document. It allows a full customization including:

  • The line number increments to display: if set to one (default value) all lines are numbered, if set, for example to five only each fifth line will be numbered and the numbers will jump accordingly (5, 10, 15...).
  • The start number: it is one by default.
  • The distance between the line numbers and the corresponding paragraphs.
  • The restarting conditions: one may choose if the numbering is continuous (default behaviour) or if it should be restarted in each new document page or section.


Option Type Description
countBy Integer An integer indicating the line number increments to display. If left empty is set to 1.
start Integer An integer indicating which number must be associated with the first line. The default value is 1.
distance Integer An integer indicating the distance, in twentieths of a point, between the number and the associated line. If left empty is dealt automatically by Word.
restart String A string that can take the following values:
  • continuous: default value, the numbering does not get restarted anywhere in the document.
  • newPage: the numbering restarts at the beginning of every page.
  • newSection: the numbering restarts at the beginning of every section.
Code samples

Example #1:

The resulting Word document looks like: