Creates a custom list style to use it with the addList method.

public void createListStyle(String name, ArrayList<OptionsListStyle> options)

This method allows to generate custom list styles that can be used in combination with the addList method.



A string with the name of the list you are creating.


Option Type Description
type String
  • none
  • bullet
  • decimal
  • upperRoman
  • lowerRoman
  • upperLetter
  • lowerLetter
  • ordinal
  • cardinalText
  • ordinalText
bold Boolean If true use bold characters.
color String Hexadecimal color value: "FF0000", "000000"...
font String Font family. This allows the customization of bullets.
fontSize Integer Font size in points.
format String The default one is '%1.' for first level, '%2' for second level and so long so forth.
hanging Integer The extra space for the numbering, should be big enough to accommodate it, the default is 360.
italic Boolean If true use italics.
left Integer The left indent. The default value is 720 times the list level.
start Integer Start value. The default value is 1.
underline String Underlines. Possible values are: single, words, double, dotted, dash and wave.
Code samples

Example #1

The resulting Word document looks like: