Javadocx v4.5 release notes

  • 05 / 06 / 2019

It is a pleasure for us to announce the release of Javadocx 4.5. This new version includes new powerful features, designed to empower your business with an easy document creation process.

This is the list of Javadocx 4.5 new functionalities:

  • DOCX merging: merge an arbitrarily large number of Word documents with just one line of code (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • New method to import headers and footers for an external DOCX: importHeadersAndFooters.
  • New method to add line numberings: setLineNumbering (Advanced and Premium licenses only).

Just log in and go to Pricing to choose the Javadocx version that best suits your project needs.

Users with old Javadocx versions interested in an upgrade have to go to MY JAVADOCX and choose the version. Users with a valid License Update Service (LUS) can update to Javadocx 4.5 at no cost.

As always, any question or doubt is more than welcome. You can reach us through our Contact form.