Javadocx v4.2 release notes

  • 10 / 29 / 2018

We are happy to announce Javadocx 4.2, a new version that brings a handful of features and fixes aimed to boost your business generation tasks.

This is the complete list of Javadocx 4.2 features:

  • Conversion plugin to transform DOCX to PDF (Advanced and Premium licenses only).
  • New method to generate and add charts: addChart. Bar, pie, line, col, radar, bubble, doughnut, of pie, scatter, surface, trendlines, combo charts, titles and other features.
  • New method to transform OMML (Office MathML) to MathML: transformOMMLToMathML.
  • Added stylesTOC as option to addTableContents to import existing TOC styles from an external file.
  • Fixed an error when importing styles and setting the style identifier as styleID.
  • New method to remove sections: removeSection (Advanced and Premium licenses only).

Go to Pricing to choose the Javadocx license that best suits you, or to MY JAVADOCX to upgrade it if you have one. If you have a license with a valid License Update Service (LUS), you can update it for free.