Choose the javaDocx version that better suits your needs

JavaDocx may be downloaded as a free JAVA library that allows you to generate basic Microsoft Office Word documents (.docx) or as an enhanced Pro version that includes extra functionality that allows for more sophisticated formatting.

The main characteristics of the Pro and free versions are recapitulated in the following table:

Features for Free, Pro, Corporate and Universal version FREE Version Pro / Corporate / Universal
TEMPLATES Templates for mail merge/multiple documents      
Templates with Graphics and Pictures     
Dynamic Generation of lists and tables      
Multitext on templates      
Multiple variables on templates      
TEXT Standard text formatting      
Formatted paragraphs     
External links      
Page breaks      
Widow/orphan control     
Custom Language for Documents Free    
Nested lists     
Text boxes     
Tet templates     
Text indenting with spaces and tabs     
Text with style      
Custom Language for Documents Free      
STRUCTURE General design options     
Advanced headers/footers    
Page numbering    
Table of Contents*    
Word Macros    
TABLES Basic tables    
Advanced table formatting    
Custom styles    
IMAGES Jpg, gif, png    
Scaling and resizing    
Advanced formatting    
GRAPHS 2D basic graphs    
2D advanced graphs    
3D graphs    
MATH OMML support    
MathML support    
CONVERSION TOOLS Basic PDF and HTML generation    
Advanced Conversion Plugin (PDF, DOC, RTF, ODT)    
DOC **    
DEBUGGING Unit testing    
MULTIFORMATTING Create Paragraphs with different formats    
EXTRAS Docx documents on read mode    
Direct download trough browser    
Insertion of external HTML and MHT files    
Avoid race conditions    

The only differences among the PRO, Corporate and Universal versions of the packages are the licensing conditions.

* If the TOC includes the numbering it has to be updated by the user to be fully functional or a macro has to be used.

** A running version of Word2007 or newer is needed in order to generate legacy versions of the document