Dynamic Word generation with java

New 2.6 Version
Conversion plugin to transform DOCX to PDF!
Embed external DOCX and HTML documents and new features!

Do you need to generate Word documents using JAVA?

JavaDocx allows you to create sophisticated Word reports in Java by extracting data from any database or spreadsheet. These reports may include editable charts, images, tables, headers and footers with your brand image, etc. JavaDocx may create Word documents from scratch or use predefined templates to simplify your work.

In a very simple way you may integrate JavaDocx in your website, intranet or application and offer an added value service to your customers and users.

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PHPDOCX is a PHP library designed to dynamically generate reports in Word format (WordprocessingML).

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What is JavaDocx ?

JavaDocx is a java library designed to generate completely dynamic and fully customizable Word documents.

JavaDocx is hosted in your server providing a very and complete flexible solution for your document and reports generation needs.

JavaDocx also provides an easy method to generate documents in other formats such as PDF or HTML.

DOCX generation

What can I do with JavaDocx ?

With a few lines of java code you may create a complete report that includes:

  • Editable Text
  • Images and Graphic elements
  • Standard paragraphs
  • Bulleted or numbered lists
  • Customized tables
  • Dinamic tables
  • All kind of customizable and editable charts or graphs to display numerical data
  • Tables of content to simplify readability within long documents
  • Headers that will reflect your corporate branding
  • Footers with automatic page numbering
  • Embed external DOCX, HTML, RTF and MHT documents
  • Conversion plugin to transform DOCX to PDF

You could also create and use your own templates or make Mailmerge of Reports and documents.

JavaDocx allows programmers to generate documents in a fast and convenient way when used with its default settings.

When design is a priority, JavaDocx allows you to generate fully customized reports to match your company's branding or your previously created design.

blog news
  • JavaDocX 2.6: new release

    We would like to announce the release of a new version of JAVADocX that incorporates several improvements and a few bug fixes.
    The major changes since the 2.0 version are summarized as follows:
    * Integration of a conversion plugin that allows for the transformation of Word (.docx) documents into PDF, RTF, HTML or DOC (legacy Word format) [...]

  • Javadocx 2.0.1: bugfixes release

    Today we launch a small bugfix update of our acclaimed library.
    This release fixes a small problem with text in oriental languages ​​that caused a warning when the .docx document created is open.
    Additionally, the download now include the .jar compiled.
    This update is free for all users and is included in Free and PRO versions of Javadocx.

  • Javadocx 2.0 is here to stay

    Just some days ago we deploy not only a new version of Javadocx wich grow from the old 1.0 version to 2.0 version, but a new redesigned site and four new licenses based on the demands of the users of the twin brother of Javadocx, PHPdocX.

  • pie_chart

    It is obvious that a “half decent” application to generate reports has to include a tool for the creation of charts and graphs on the fly …

  • A very simple .docx

    JAVADOCX could not be less than other web applications so we are proud to introduce you to the “Hello World Script” that will allow you to generate, yes you guessed it right …