• What are the minimum technical requirements?

    To run JavaDocx you need to have a modern OS that should include:

    • JDK 5 or newer
    • A data source such as a Oracle database, MySQL, an Excel spreadsheet or an csv file.
    • A functional version of Word 2007 or newer is required to generate legacy versions (Word 97 - 2004 .doc documents)

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  • What are the main differences between JavaDocx Free and JavaDocx Pro?

    JavaDocx Free allows you to dynamically generate docx files with simple formating options such as lists, page numbering and tables, no watermarks are embedded and there is no trail period or limit in the amount of documents you can generate. JavaDocx Pro extends this functionality and allows you to include nested lists, text boxes, customized headers and footers, 3D graphs, MathML features and it also allows you to create Word 97 - 2004 .doc documents.
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  • I need to use JavaDocx but I don´t have the technical knowledge to get it running, how can I get support

    If you have trouble running JavaDocx we recommend you reading the documentation available on this site, you can find an example for each method included within this library. There are also several examples on our blog that can provide help for specific needs.

    When you purchase a copy of JavaDocx PRO, we offer technical support at a very affordable price ($50 for an installation ticket, $120 for 3 tickets and $650 for 1 year support). With each ticket you will receive up to one hour of support from our team to get you running. Whit the annual plan you will receive up to $25 hours of full support from our team, a 50% discount from our hourly rate.

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  • JavaDocx Pro license restrictions

    Every copy of JavaDocx Pro is licensed to run under a specific domain name, upon start the library will check the domain name from which is being ran and it will validate your license. You can modify JavaDocx Pro source code to meet your needs but redistribution of the library (source or binary code) is prohibited, also the use as a standalone application or included in another software package nor as a service (SaaS).
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  • Returns and refunds policy

    2mdc (Narcea Producciones Multimedia, S.L. ) will refund the purchase price only if there is a technical problem with the software that cannot be resolved within 2 business days of the customer request.

    All returns for downloaded software must be pre-authorized by 2mdc (Narcea Producciones Multimedia, S.L.). Refunds will not be made on unauthorized returns.

    To receive a refund for JavaDocx Pro you must obtain an Affidavit of Software Destruction (ASD) after out support team have reviewed your case. To receive an ASD contact us via e-mail at sales@javadocx.com. Please provide complete order information with your request.

    The completed Affidavit of Software Destruction must be received within 30 days after the date of order and software download.

    You must also destroy all copies of JavaDocx Pro from any computers owned or controlled by you where you have installed it. Once you have returned the Affidavit of Software Destruction to us, all licenses you may have to use the JavaDocx Pro will be immediately terminated, and any further use of the software will be an infringement of copyrights as well as other intellectual property rights.

    Upon receipt of a properly executed Affidavit of Software Destruction via email, we will provide a refund to you, less extended transaction charges from Paypal, which will not be refunded.

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