The word processors are some of the most used software programs both at home and at work and Microsoft Office Word™ , whether we like it or not, has become their de facto standard. Since 2003 Microsoft Word™ is also part of an open standard (OOML) based on XML.

It is not among our objectives to endorse or support any specific standard or company but we believe that a tool like JAVADOCX can be of much help to all of those professionals that need to create reports in MS Word (.docx) format within a JAVA platform. Indeed, JAVADOCX was born from our own need to generate data driven editable Word reports for our clients using JAVA.

We offer JAVADOCX in two different ways:

  • Free version: that allows a reasonably skilled programmer to generate a basic MS Word document in the .docx format at no cost.
  • Pro version: that allows for the geneartion of more sophiticated MS Word documents at very low cost.

Although one may use the free (LGPL) version for the majority of applications it cannot be upgraded to include support and lacks some of the advanced features of the Pro version.

We hope that you consider this JAVA library useful and we wait for your feedback to improve it.