We would like to announce the release of a new version of JAVADocX that incorporates several improvements and a few bug fixes.

The major changes since the 2.0 version are summarized as follows:

* Integration of a conversion plugin that allows for the transformation of Word (.docx) documents into PDF, RTF, HTML or DOC (legacy Word format) format.
* New addRawWordML that allows for the insertion of arbitrary WordML fragments into your document.
* One may now insert input fields and checkboxes via the addInput and addCheckbox method.
* One may insert, or replace a placeholder variable by, an external DOCX, RTF, MHT or HTML document.

We have also updated the website to include a “Trial version” of the PRO package (that does not include the conversion plugin) so you can test the functionality to check if it fits your purposes.

All current owners of a JAVADocX can update their packages for free…although a Tweet, Facebook share or just a link somewhere would be greatly appreciated :-)